Business owners and factory managers have a duty of care to the staff and visitors that may frequent their premises. Pedestrian safety in a busy industrial setting is their responsibility. Anyone who runs a warehouse or industrial facility understands the dangers and we at SafecareIreland supply a range of solutions that can help. Our PedestrianSafe products consist of a combination of steel and polymer. The steel will offer the strength to withstand forklift and HGV impact, while the polymer coverings and trims will offer safety and viability to pedestrians. PedestrianSafe products consist of handrails and barriers, PedestrianSafe anti-slip stair nosing and PedestrianSafe cushion edge protectors. SafecareIreland also supply a wide range of polymer accessories to create safe ends on armco steel barriers and polymer covers for handrails and bollards. The PedestrianSafe range in its bright yellow polymer finish will not only give you piece of mind that safety first is been adhered to but will also keep your premises looking great.

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