C-19 Compliance Officer PPE Vest for social distancing ireland

C-19 Compliance Officer PPE Vest

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has released a new guide for standard operating procedures (SOPs) on construction sites.

Every site must have an adequate number of COVID-19 compliance officers considering the size of each site to ensure adequate supervision of operations at all times.

C19 Compliance Officers must be identifiable to all site crews. Contact us with your requirements.


Product Description

C-19 Compliance Officer PPE Vest:


    C-19 Compliance Officer PPE Vest: Small / Medium / Large/ X Large


    Available to print with your Company Logo


Social distancing barrier protecting customers and staff in Ireland.In addition to the C-19 Compliance Officer PPE Vest, other products in our Social Distancing Protection Solutions: social distancing screens, hygienic dispensers, PPE, retractable barrier belts, separation barriers, and rails.

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