Checkerplate Wall Covering


Product Description

Aluminium checkerplate is the heavier duty option within the ‘wallsafe’ range of protective wall cladding. Checkerplate can be used in a wide range of situations in stock rooms, warehouses and cold rooms. Checkerplate can be fixed to walls and doors at various heights and is available to order in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Checker plate (aka chequer plate) wall and door panels are designed for heavy duty surface protection. Strong and durable, aluminium checker plate is ideally suited for use in areas subject to frequent, heavy wheeled traffic e.g. service corridors, loading areas and car parks.

The checker plate panels are light weight, easy to install and keep clean. Aluminium checkerplate helps reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to repair and repaint wall surfaces. The 5-bar diamond pattern conceals the effects of  surface damage caused by wheeled traffic and is suitable for both interior and exterior environments.

Our standard stock sheets are  2m x 1m x 2mm thick.