Handi Gard (set of 3)

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Product Description

Designed and Manufactured in IRELAND!! The Handi Gard is suitable for the HSE recommendations on avoiding slips and trips when cleaning. The Handi Gard rail set of 3, when fully extended, stretches to nearly 3 metres. Rubber base legs are available when using in a long straight line or in windy conditions and suction pads can be used for connecting to glass or metals. The Handi Gard is made from durable polyethylene and is designed to comply with BS7801:2011 safe working on escalators and walkways. All panels are supplied with standard ‘Caution’ symbol and black and yellow colours across the top. Panel Size: 800mm high x 1000mm wide x 30mm thick. Prices for the Handi Gard are subject to VAT @ 23%.