Plastic pedestrian barrier, can be used for social distancing purpose, supplied across Ireland

Plastic Pedestrian Barrier

Designed for temporary use, Titan Plastic Barriers are extremely hardwearing and completely reusable. Titan Plastic Barriers also provide a protective barrier to stop damage or harm when road works are taking place. Titan Plastic Pedestrian Barrier is red as standard, but we can supply in other colours and also provide company logo when requested. The barrier to barrier connection is incredibly intuitive.


2m x 1.2m


Product Description

Plastic Pedestrian Barrier Features:


    Plastic Pedestrian Barrier is sub-zero impact and accelerated UV age tested


    Heavy-duty design with 360-degree swivel feet provides unrivalled strength and versatility


    High visibility colours act as an early warning for both pedestrians, road users and workers, with reflective bands for lowlight


    Recyclable plastic


Social distancing barrier protecting customers and staff in Ireland.In addition to the Plastic Pedestrian Barrier, other products in our Social Distancing Protection Solutions: social distancing screens, hygienic dispensers, PPE, retractable barrier belts, separation barriers, and rails.

About Safe Care Ireland

Safe Care Ireland first started offering Safety solutions and accessories to the Irish business back in 2007. We recognised a need to deliver custom solutions that help owners and managers offer safe environments for their customers and staff. We offer these solutions across various sectors such as car parks, healthcare facilities, industrial warehouses, schools, nursing homes and hotels.

We supply and install a wide range of safety applications from slowing down cars in car parks with speed ramps, to child safety where injuries are caused by a collision with the corner of a wall, or catching fingers in the hinge of an unprotected door.

With our full package of safety products, solutions and services, we aim to create value for the owner, but also make the experience for the customer safer and more pleasurable.


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