Rubber Speed Bump Discs

Rubber Disc Speed bumps


Vulcanized rubber black or yellow, high-performance and abrasion resistant.

Application :

Required in areas where the speed limit is associated with a unique road safety: residential road, at gas stations, at shopping centers, parking lots, etc. SafecareIreland & SVL are a recognised supplier of G&H rubber traffic calming solutions for local authorities in Ireland.

Dimensions : (half semi circular section) – 250mm (w) x 400mm (l) x 50mm high


Product Description

Rubber Speed Discs – Traffic Calming

Disc speed bumps – for a wide range of road users who want to increase the level of safety. Made from black and yellow vulcanized rubber, high-performance and abrasion resistance, characterized by easy and fast installation, with possibility of either permanent or temporary construction. To ensure good installation, ensure your surface has adequate grounding and of a smooth/ flat surface.